Sunday Speculation 8/11/19

Disclaimer- This blog is purely information on what I have invested in/traded, this blog is simply a personal blog so that I can keep track of my investing history and I also thought it would be interesting for people to read. I am not recommending ANY stocks, I am not telling you to buy ANY stocks, this is just a conversation.

Tomorrow evening and before market open, multiple companies will be having their earnings reports, including- Evolus, Sysco, Polar Power, and Bloom Energy. The stock that I decided to buy on Friday was Evolus at $17.96. I decided to buy this stock because it’s earnings are coming out tomorrow morning allowing me to buy a different company that has it’s earnings coming out tomorrow evening (Again I am not recommending that you buy any of the stocks or follow any of my habits, I am just showing my own examples).

Another thing that I found interesting today was that Argentina is having an election today and it sounds like a controversial election. I have been looking at ARGT which is an ETF for Argentina and is at a 52 week high. Normally after US elections, stocks jump up whether or not the elected president is pro/antibusiness, but with Argentina’s election being controversial, I feel like the 52 week high may be too high. (Again I am not recommending ANYTHING to do with Argentina, I just thought this election seemed interesting).

Update: As I expected $ARGT went from $33.44 to $25.21 overnight. I guess the election did not go the way businesses in Argentina thought it would. Today I also bought $BE which had its earning come out after hours and jumped 13%

5280 Investing watch list for the week ahead:

WMT– $107.28, -1.14%. Walmart has their earnings coming out this week, hopefully there can be a discount before the earnings. Walmart is a company that sells basically everything and even though it may not have that great of atmosphere, it is still essential in some cities.

CGC- $32.90, -0.61%. I have a heard time investing or even looking at marijuana companies but after listening to the CEO of Canopy Growth I changed my mind for this one company. Having marijuana be legal in Canada sure helped this company but I think when the inevitable hits and the US legalizes it completely, it will help this stock.

ATVI- $48.06, -2.57%. Activision has had a rough year but it is still one of the leaders in gaming. I believe gaming has a lot more room to grow and I can’t think of how it will stop growing. Activision has basically taken over South Korea with their gaming when almost every top player of “Overwatch” is from South Korea. If Activision can have such a good player base in South Korea, they can definitely find a way to grow a stronger player base in the US.

(As always I will post an update on my watchlist either Thursday or Friday)



8/8/19 Investments

Disclaimer- This blog is purely information on what I have invested in/traded, I am not recommending ANY stocks, I am not telling you to buy ANY stocks, this is just a conversation

After some crazy IPOs and earnings calls, I decided that I should try to trade companies who’s earning were coming out that day. I created a Robinhood account with strictly $80 almost a year ago to see what kind of returns I could make on swing/day trading (day trading only 2-3 times a week). Only in this past week I decided to trade earnings companies.

Yesterday, 8/7, I saw that had their earnings coming up. After their February earnings, the price fell from 198 to 83. After their May earnings, the price fell from 83 to 36. O figured buying in on $46.51 was a steal, especially with their earning coming up. After buying one share (again, only $80 in my RB account) I waited until the market closed for the earnings call. After the earnings call, the price jumped to 52.61 at which I sold, yielding me ~$6 gain (not much, but with $80 that is 7.5% returns in 45 minutes).

After my success with, I hunted for more companies coming out with their earnings today, 8/8. UBER had their earnings call after hours today, but with LYFT’s above average earnings, UBERs price jumped this morning from 39.64 to 42.57, lucky for me I’m invested in UBER in my fidelity account, but unlucky for me, UBERs earnings call showed the well below average performance this past quarter, causing the price to fall from 42.98 to 37.64 after hours (later bouncing back to 40.30). The companies that I traded today were ATVI, HEAR, and DBX, all with their earnings releasing today. Every stock fell significantly after the earnings besides ATVI. These are my trades: ATVI- bought- $48.65, current- $48.46; HEAR- bought- $9.00, current- $10.75; DBX- bought- $21.47, current- $20.20. I have not sold any of these stocks yet 1. I do not want to be suspended due to pattern day trading 2. I am hoping ATVI or DBX will bounce back a little tomorrow, 8/9 3. Some of the earnings released a little to late for me to sell.

Tomorrow I don’t think I will buy any earnings companies because there will be no earnings calls after hours, I may buy a couple stocks I could see going up Monday after I sell my three current stocks.

Hear is my current watch list for investing, not trading:

UBER– $40.30 (after hours). Obviously this fresh IPO is not producing as well as we hoped with it’s IPO at 45. I still see a strong future for this company, it’s still young, the billions of dollars lost is concerning, but I can look past it for now with its strong future. With Uber’s competitor Lyft also struggling after its IPO, I believe the struggle should only be temporary.

ALGN- 188.28, I have been a strong believer in align for well over a year and I believe this dip is only an opportunity for investors to buy at a discount. The main reason align has fallen so far is because of the trade war and it’s previous earnings last week. This trade war is only temporary, and once the dust settles, the companies who have fallen due to the trade war should only bounce back up.

TCEHY– 43.84. Tencent is another company that was hit hard due to Trump’s announcement of 10% additional tariffs. When you are a company based in the nation the US is at a trade war with, your stock will suffer, but with the trade war only being temporary and gaming DEFINITELY being the future of electronics, this company will be the leader.

LULU- 186.35. I know 3/4 companies on this list are very susceptible to changes with the trade war, I am still very confident In lululemon. Lululemon has been leading the female athletic fashion industry for years, and now they are trying to become leaders in the men’s athletic fashion industry and the self care industry. With their new self care line coming out, that will hurt a little when it comes to revenue, but if they can pull it off and expand upon their self care section, they can definitely become strong competitors in the athletic fashion industry.

Thank you for reading my updates on my personal investments and trades, I hope you find some of my analyses useful and I hope this creates some conversation. Again, I am NOT here to recommend what stocks to buy and where to invest, I am just presenting my view on the day and what companies I find interesting.